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Panel Repair Factory India Pvt. Ltd is a corporation that aims to provide best industry
solutions for technological adversities in the devices used in day to day life. PRF India has a
team of experts who are into the development & production of advanced Bonding
Technology for many years now. The team forms the Manufacturer & Exporters of ACF
Bonding Machine in New Delhi (India).

PRF company is popularly known for employing for the First Time in India, ACF Pulse
Heating Bonding Machines for LCD TV Panels and Mobile Phone Panels.

The company aims to build a long-lasting relationship with the associates,customers,
partners, and employees through a strong base of business ethics and technological


Services offered by PRF India Pvt. Ltd

  1. Manufacture of ACF Bonding Machines, Laser Machine, Mobile Screen Separator,
    Digital Microscope & Special Bonding Workshop Table.
  2. Manufacture of LED/LCD TV Panel & Mobile Screens Repairs.

ACF Bonding Machine for Mobile

ACF bonding machine is now manufactured with advanced feature of performing mobile
repairs. It was previously available for the automated repair of the LCD,LED and TV. It now
comes with innovative features of pre ACF paste machine of mobile. Various device repair
solutions from advanced technologies are integrated into this machine to articulate into the
best tool, which is super-fine and easy to operate. Considering the recent developments and
demands, PRF has launched a second ACF bonding machine for mobile which is specialized
in repairing the mobile screens. These machines developed are available for a multitude of
mobile devices without restricting the repair to a few.
The brand-new innovation in Machines for Mobile repair is Mobile screen separator which is
single equipment.
All these crisp new ACF machines are innovated in order to answer the growing demand of
the mobile repair market across the globe.


ACF Bonding Machine






Price-2,50,000  or USD 3750






Our Values at PRF

We as an extensive team of technology experts aim to provide the best of solutions to the
most common technological problems such as LCD,TV,Mobile repair,etc.
We are just not a team to deliver the service to our customers, we are here to provide a
congenial atmosphere while serving your needs.

Some of our values are:

1. Customer Delight

We are committed to our customers through very cordial business strategies.

2. Leadership by example

We want to become global leaders in technology solutions, by setting an example of
performing business transactions based on mutual trust.

3.Integrity and transparency

We intend to provide our services with complete transparency and make deals of

4. Pursuit of excellence

We are committed to strive relentlessly and constantly to improve our selves,our
teams,our products and services to excel in the field of technology solutions and
authentic trade.

All in all,we at PRF provide the best of products to serve you with the most relevant
solutions while also building a lasting relationship of trust.

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