How to Use ACF Bonding Machine to Desire

ACF means anisotropic conductive film; this bonding machine is generally used to provide the connectivity to the electrical as well as the mechanical links from the electronics driver to the glass substrate of the LCS TV. While working on the ACF bonding machine

LCD Panel Repair Machine

you may need to provide the pressure as well as heat with the thermode or hot bar. You have to apply on the top of the ACF film or the additional component that is sandwiching at the ACF film. This bonding machine is very helpful in repairing the LCD, LED, and TV of lining issue on the panel. This bonding machine is fast as well as easy to operate. The conductive particles in the ACF film create the contact in the Z- direction only when the heat, as well as the pressure, is applied.

ACF bonding machine is now launched with the latest as well as the upgraded technology based machine for the automatic renovate solutions. Anisotropic conductive film bonding apparatus is widely used today in the worldwide to structure the hundreds of millions of the products monthly requiring utilize of the ACF. This bonding machine has the robust design and it is quite easy to perform the operation on it. It may also provide the high efficiency. This bonding machine is best to provide the combination of the hot state as well as all kinds of FPC and LCD, PCB.

ACF Bonding Machine

It may have the best safety protection function as well as the double bond restart security. If you feel any risk or issue while working on the ACF bonding machine then you have the emergency stop-switch to quickly stop the machine to further working. The normal weight of the ACF bonding machine is 210 kg. You can easily adjust the temperature as per requirement as well as also increase it during working.

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