LCD Repair Laser Machine

Model No - LZ-96

LCD repair laser machine- The Latest Technology For Repairing LCD Screens : LCD Repair Laser Machine (referred to as laser machine) on the LCD screen repair industry accounted for the high-end repair technology, the most high-end technology of LCD screen repair ,LCD screen repair industry in addition to the COF Bonding technology. COF Problem can be repair with bonding machine & Others problems such as ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line ,a multi-line laser machine can be used to repair. Laser machine with high efficiency, fixed rate, low cost (the same fault in the laser machine does not need replacement parts, (and do not affect the repair rate), it is widely used as the main device screen repair.

LCD Screen Repair Machine

LCD screens have become a very integral part of our lives. From our huge TV sets to the compact smartphones in our hands, each of them lives on LCD screens. Not only that, the laptops, the conference screens in offices and the screen of theatre, they are majorly LCD now.Unlike CRT displays, LCD has a fixed grid of tricolor pictures. These pixels change the transparency depending on the level of the voltage range the controller of the monitor provides. But what if LCD screens get damaged or malfunctions? The pixels can get stuck or ot can give you residual images. What if most part of the screen goes blank? Anything could go wrong with an LCD screen.
Well, that is why LCD repair laser machines are here. These LCD repair machines are the high-end repairing technology for the LCD screens. It repairs the damaged parts effectively. The LCD Screen Repair Machine enhances various bonding processes like ACF, TAB, FPG , COF, and FOG. LCD repair laser machines also repair the defects like ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line, multi-line etc at a low cost. LCD Panel Repair Machine is the best way to repair the panel errors in the LCD screens.

LCD Repair Machine

LCD Repair Machine is the bonding machine that most repair shops use nowadays. The LCD Screen Repair Machine or LCD Panel Repair Machine is not only efficient in fixing the LCD problems but is also cost-effective. So, if anything goes wrong with your LCD screen, you can rely on these machines to fix it effectively, in lesser time and cost. If you are an owner of a screen repair shop, it is advised to buy this new technology for boosting your business.The LCD Repair Machine is the future of repairing.
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    - LCD Panel 14" - 85" Inches
     -Fix LCD Problems upto 98%
    - No Consumable Like ACF Tape , COF , ACF Remover Required
    - Fast and Accurate Repair
    - High-Energy Laser
    - Using Different Wavelengths
    - Support LCD Pixel upto 4k

    Model- LZ96

    Laser Type - Timer Laser


    1064 / 532nm dual wavelength (532nm in order to adjust the wavelength of the optical axis)

    Way of cooling:Water-cooled

    Laser power:3-8mJ/Pulse

    Oscillation frequency:1 ~ 20 Hz / sec

    Maximum peak power:1mW

    1064 Volatility:8 ~ 6 nsec

    Working platform size:1524 mm X 1220 mm

    Base size
    Lenthe-1880 mm

    Weight : 650 KG(Approx)
    Supply-220 V AC

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