Model No - PRF960

ACF bonding machine is the widely used machine all over the world. This bonding machine is based on the recent innovations as well as planned to repair the arrangements of LCD, LED, and television. This bonding machine may consist of has two Digital Microscope, and also has a Digital Pressure Gauge. The ACF bonding machine consists of vacuum generator which may help to hold the panel during the bonding process. It may also provide the quick as well as easy solutions for various mobile problems.

ACF Bonding Machine Price

Here are a few models of acf bonding machine with price and specification
Top Selling Model- PRF Bonding Machine-960 = 4,50,000 Inr & in USD-$6400 per set
PRF Bonding Machine -960 Mini = 4, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $5700 per set
PRF Bonding Machine -960 Combo = 5, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $7100 per set
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COF Bonding Machine

COF ( COF Bonding Machine ) is fast as well as it is very easy to access this bonding machine. Ultimate solutions of bonding of COF ( COF Bonding Machine )with fast and easy to operate bonding machine. it is a kind of high precision repair equipment for repair various size LED/LCD screen/LCD Panel. This bonding machine is able to provide high accuracy repair apparatus for repair different size of the LED or LCD screen as well as LCD Panel. COF bonding machine also consists a process of repairing the technical equipment in an easy way. We provide the various sizes and types of this machine, as well as all the services, are available if any defect may occur in the machine.

COF Bonding Machine Price

Here is a list of various cof bonding machines and price
Top Selling Model- PRF Bonding Machine-960 = 4, 50,000 Inr & in USD-$6400 per set
PRF Bonding Machine -960 Mini = 4, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $5700 per set
PRF Bonding Machine -960 Combo = 5, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $7100 per set
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LCD Panel Repair Machine

LCD panel repair machine is great and best solutions for panel repair in bonding technology, this is the most high-end technology of LCD screen repair ,LED screen repair, in repair industry in addition to the COF loose welding, LCD tab bonding machine others such as ITO break, short line, bright line, half-line, dotted line ,a multi-line bonding machine can be used to repair. This Tab bonding machine with high efficiency, affordable tab bonding machine price, it is widely used as the main device LCD/LED/TAB screen repair of large-scale production factory.

LCD Panel Repair Machine Price

Here we have a few LCD panel repair machine models with their price.
LCD repair Machine Model with Price
Top Selling Model- PRF-960 = 4, 50,000 Inr & in USD-$6400 per set
PRF-960 Mini = 4, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $5700 per set
PRF-960 Combo = 5, 00,000 Inr & in USD- $7100 per set
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LCD panel repair machine has been approved the achieved setup across the world. LCD panel repair machine is enormous as well as the best way for panel repairing in the bonding technology. This is high standard as well as modern technology for the LCD screen repair and LED screen repair. This LCD panel bonding machine has the high efficiency, reasonable cost, as well as it is broadly used for the main device LCD, LED, and TAB screen repair of the large-scale construction factory.

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    • For the combination of hot state all kinds of FPC and LCD ,PCB.
    • Available Panel 10— Hit) inch,all different brands 2K,4K,8K of LCD panels.
    • Save multiple-groups profiles according to the need, set and modify the temperature parameter on the touch screen at any time .
    • Multifunctional and humanized operation use high definition human-machine interface,PLC control.
    • Safety protection function with double bond restart protection and emergency stop-switch,
    • It has alignment systems with high-de?nition COF lens and industrial displays.joystick control the optical system V-groove positioning the COF and PCB board.
    • Temperature curve can always be adjusted. The peak temperature has small error, +/-l degrees Celsius. Response time is 3-4 seconds from room temperature to 180 degrees.
    • Eight languages available for selection, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, French, Korean and Arabic, Farsi and Vietnamese.
    • COF accurate alignment. LCD repair success rate is high .
    • Heating Mode:  Pulse
    • Weight: 210kg
    • Size of Machine (mm): 1050*970*410
    • Working Pressure: 0.35-0.40Mpa
    • Temperature Cure: Factory Reset
    • Peak Temperature: +/-1 degrees Celcius
    • Plane Precision (hot-pressing side):  0.005mm
    • Size of Heat Press Head: 1.2*52mm
    • Temperature:  200-300degrees Celsius, adjustable
    • Cylinder:  Double cylinder output
    • MIcroscope Magnification:  20-100 consecutive times
    • COF Aligment Display:  9 inch high-precivion display
    • COF Trimming Adjustable Direction:  X/Y/R
    • LCD Drive Platform:  Fixed
    • Control Way:  Touch screen + button operation
    • Voltage:  AC220v
    • Peak Power:  500W

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