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All Brand LED / LCD / TV panel repair specilized whole shop under one roof.

Economical Repairs with customer satisfaction.

Highly Qualified in house workshop engineers with specilized repair skills.

We also provide good numbers of COF'S at effective price on 30% discount .

We Fix Problem

  1. Lining ( Horizontal Line , Vertical Line ) 
  2. Color Smearing 
  3. Double Picture
  4. No Picture
  5. COF Burn
  6. Slow Motion
  7. Half Picture
  8. Negative Picture

COF'S are Also Available for all Brands

COF'S Code Available with 30% Discount Rates 

CXD3817F-1, CXD3818F-1, CXD3819F-1, CXD3828F-1, CXD3829F-1, DB7890A-FS03,DB7899A-FL03,DB7899A-FL04,LH169K01,LS0303M1-C9LS,LS0306M1-C5LX,LS08S6HEH1A-C6LX, LS08S6HM1-C2LX
RM92155FB-ODA,RM92160FE-OAD,RM92161FD-OAS,RM92161FE-OBD,RM92163FA-OB8,RM92165FL-ODE,RM9216AFB-ODB,RM9216AFC-ODM,RM9216AFD-ODN,RM9216DFB-OEG,RM9216DFD-DEV,RM9216DFG-OFD,RM9216DFK-OFB,S6C2732X03-53,S6C2732X04-51B,S6C2A71-56,S6C2A91-51,S6C2B71-51,S6C2B71-52,S6C2B93-54,S6C277J-57,SS8482-C1LV,S6C2141-51C , S6C2B71-56, RM9216DFF-OFA , RM92165FM-OE9

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